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Managing a limestone pavement

If you own or manage a limestone pavement there are some ideas for good management practice laid out in the booklet ‘Managing Our Fragile Heritage’ (1.2M download.) Wooded, scrub-covered and bare pavements all need slightly different management to ensure that the highest levels of biodiversity occur.

Management of grazed or open limestone pavement, particularly if it is within a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or in a Northern Ireland Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI) can be funded through various Agri-environment schemes which differ for each country in the UK and Ireland. 

Details can be found on the following links:

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (Northern Ireland)

Natural England (England)

Countryside Council for Wales (Wales)

Scottish Natural Heritage (Scotland)

Management of wooded limestone pavement can be funded through the Woodland Grant Schemes. Contact the Forestry Commission.


Cattle grazing at Whitbarrow Scar
Cattle grazing a limestone pavement

Work carried out at Hutton Roof to remove invasive scrub
Work carried out at Hutton Roof to remove invasive scrub (Photo K. Milligan)

The ‘After’ photo at Hutton Roof
The ‘After’ photo at Hutton Roof (Photo K. Milligan)



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