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Limestone pavements are outcrops of rocks where the surface has been dissolved by water over millions of years into 'paving blocks.' They are also home to a number of rare and unusual plants. Globally they are a rare habitat threatened by extraction for the rock garden and water feature trade and are often degraded by poor land management.

There is very little limestone pavement found anywhere in the world, but Britain and Ireland have much of this habitat.

Limestone pavement is protected by law in the UK and it is an offence to damage or remove it from areas covered by Limestone Pavement Orders.

Geology page: learn about the geology and geomorphology of limestone pavements
Ecology page: find out about the plants that live on the pavements
Limestone pavement distribution: where are pavements found in the UK and Ireland question
Legal protection of limestone pavement: discover how and why pavements are protected
“Our Fragile Heritage” a booklet published by the Limestone Pavement Action Group about limestone pavement can be found here (342kb, .pdf file so you will need Adobe Acrobat)
On Stony Ground” Read about the trade in limestone pavement in this report by TRAFFIC International (.pdf file 1.2MB download)
A concise list of academic papers about limestone pavements can be found here (updated Jan '06). A comprehensive bilbliography can be found here (updated May '09).


The Rakes, Hutton Roof, Cumbria
The Rakes, Hutton Roof, Cumbria

Scar Close, Yorkshire
Scar Close, Yorkshire

Bloody Crane's Bill
Bloody Crane's-bill



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